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3 Sites That Offer 0 Day Music

0 day music is an amazing convergence of mysticism, natural wonder and apocalyptic sentiment. It was sparked by the end of the ancient Mayan calendar and has continued to evolve.

This site features copyright-free music with six different Creative Commons licenses, including CC0, which is fully public domain. It can be used on any platform and for any purpose, with or without attribution.


FreePD is a site that offers copyright-free music, with dozens of tracks available for download in MP3 format. It has music from the 1920s, blues, Civil War songs, jazz, and Irish music. Its minimalist design makes it easy to explore and find what you’re looking for. It’s important to note that attribution is required for any use of the tracks on this site.

Another option is Uppbeat, a site that provides a large catalog of royalty-free music. Its catalog is divided into various categories such as upbeat and positive, romantic and sentimental, world, and horror. It has a free account that allows you to download 10 tracks per month, or you can subscribe for a more expansive selection of songs.

Famous music performer Moby has his own website where he has put some of his tracks in the public domain. These are licensed under a CC-BY license, and can be used for non-commercial purposes. The only drawback to this site is that it requires an application to download music.

The Free Music Archive

FMA is home to a large catalog of curated songs that have been licensed under Creative Commons licenses. The site’s organization makes it easy for media creators to find the right music for their projects. Many CC-BY licenses require attribution, while others have specific permissions for different types of usage. The site also includes a guide for media creators to contact artists directly for permission.

Founded in 2009 by the community radio station WFMU in Jersey City, FMA features high-quality music that can be used for free. Its collection of curated tracks has been featured in countless videos, podcasts, films, and apps. The site is currently run by WFMU and a group of curators and netlabels.

Unlike other services that allow users to upload music at will, The Free Music Archive provides curated content from independent musicians and creators. The site also offers a set of royalty-free audio clips that are perfect for use in video production.


Originally launched in Sweden in 2007, SoundCloud has risen to be one of the largest online music distribution platforms. It allows users to create audio tracks, playlists and other forms of content that can be viewed by the public or members of a private community. It also has a wide range of tools and features that help artists promote their work.

The platform’s search functions make it easy to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a specific track or artist, or even just a certain type of song or genre. You can also follow people and playlists to keep up with new music, and embed your tracks for use on other websites and social media.

Another cool feature is that SoundCloud offers “fan-powered royalties,” which pays artists based on the amount of time their dedicated fans spend listening to their tracks, rather than in a pool that mostly benefits mega-stars. Plus, eligible creators can sign up for Repost by SoundCloud to distribute their music to platforms like Instagram, Spotify and TikTok.

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