SE SO NEON – A New Generation of K Music Artists

If you’re a fan of synchronized dance moves, simple songs with addicting hooks, and outer beauty, you might be familiar with the wildly popular genre of K-pop.

Music studios scout talent through rigorous auditions, often as young children. They induct them into idol groups or launch them as solo artists.


In a sea of K-pop and K-indie acts dominating the global music scene, one band from South Korea stands out like neon lights shining in the darkness. Despite the fact that their name means “New Youngsters” (a play on their bassist’s middle name), SE SO NEON’s sound transcends the boundaries of what we call “K-rock.”

In fact, they refuse to confine themselves to any genre of rock at all. Their music combines elements of blues, psychedelic rock, and new wave to create something truly unique.

Their ability to create such an array of sounds is a major reason for their success. Whether it’s the funky, bass-heavy “joke!” or their darker track ”E,” fans can expect a sonic rollercoaster of emotions. Even their lighter songs, such as the debut ”Nan Chun” and ”Jayu,” can leave listeners feeling hopeful for the future.

Lee Mujin

Mujin rose to fame in 2020 after appearing on the music audition show Sing Again, where he finished 3rd place. He became popular after his songs he performed on the program, such as Englishman in New York and Whistle, garnered attention from many people.

His singles such as the jazzy folk song Traffic Light portray his life in a very poetic way. He says that he wants to make his music stand out so that it won’t just be added to someone’s playlist for a while and forgotten about.

The program Lee Mujin Service is a YouTube specific web program where the guest sings two songs and performs a duet with the host. There are some idols I’d love to see on the show such as YuJu, who can set the dancefloor on fire with her amazing vocals. She’s able to hit high notes effortlessly and has the power to blow everyone away with her raw talent.


After gaining recognition as the serenading vocalist for duo Offonoff, Colde has ventured into a solo career with a new perspective on love and a unique aesthetic. Using a mix of spunk and creativity, his debut EP Wave features smooth R&B with hints of hip-hop and rap. The accompanying MV is just as striking, with random scenes of biking disaster videos, crumbling buildings, past avalanches, and even animated Dalmatian puppies redefine what it means to fall in love.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Colde is a rapper, singer-songwriter and producer. He started his career on SoundCloud and is a member of the group OFFONOFF, along with 0Channel and Millic. He has also performed at numerous concerts and festivals in Europe. He enjoys listening to Phum Viphurit (190118 Fungjaizine interview) and his favourite music genres are indie, hipster, and visual music. His favourite colours are Blue and White. He also likes cats and sleeping at 4am.

Epik High

Known for their creative talent, lyrical abilities and dynamic performances, the trio have charted on both Korean and international music charts. They are also one of the most popular K-hip hop acts to date, having sold out multiple concerts around the world and becoming the first Korean act to perform at Coachella, where they were re-invited in 2022.

Whether in a collaborative album with fellow artists or their own standalone releases, Epik High infused genres like trip-hop and electro into their music, resulting in a refreshing alternative to mainstream k-pop. Some of their greatest hits include Born Hater, which calls out the haters with an explosive ensemble of voices from artists like Beenzino, Verbal Jint and Bobby.

After debuting in 2003 under Woolim Entertainment, the group went on hiatus until 2012 as members Mithra and Tukutz fulfilled their mandatory military service. They then released Epilogue, a compilation of their previous unreleased tracks and returned with two more studio albums – Map of the Human Soul and Swan Songs.

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