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D Music Vicenza – Vendita, Noleggio, Assistenza e Trasporto di Pianoforti

Vendita, noleggio, assistenza e riparazioni di pianoforti.

One of the first in Italy to offer specialization courses in specific fields of Early Music, the Department has been actively involved in musical projects that combine research and historical performance practices. Its large ensembles regularly perform in remarkable historical settings.

Our passion for music, our competence and preparation gathered over more than 25 years in the field are at your disposal.

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Lewis and Morse are arriving at Vicenza railway station when we hear the music of the Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741). This is from his Concerto for two mandolins in G minor.

At the foot of Monte Berico where Vicenza’s historic centre spreads out sits one of Italy’s most famous sanctuaries. It is adorned with Bellini’s grandiose painting of the baptism of Christ, a full-scale altarpiece which grabs your attention as you enter the church and is beautifully illuminated by the soft light that filters through its richly carved frame.

Contralto Alessandra Visentin was a delight as Giuditta, a role that requires extensive passages of recitative and two attractive arias. Her enticing voice and easy coloratura brought the character to life. Visentin is a young singer but her experience shines through and she has the potential to become a major artist.

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Vendita, noleggio, riparazioni e trasporto di pianoforti. La passione e l’esperienza degli ultimi 25 anni, tutto a vostra disposizione nel nostro negozio di Vicenza!

During the years of its existence the department has taken part to many musical projects combining musicological research and historical performance practices. In particular, it has realized the first world performance in modern times of the oratorium “La morte di S. Antonio di Padova” by Bonaventura Aliotti, in the Teatro Olimpico of Vicenza, with orchestra and vocal ensemble.

The Department has also realized a large number of public concerts with smaller instrumental and vocal ensembles performing Early Music repertoire in extraordinary historical settings such as Caserma Ederle, the Palazzo Tursi of Genoa, Basilica di Santo Stefano at Padua and many others. The department has also been involved in several recordings. Lorenzetti has focused his research on the history of education and on Renaissance music, especially oratorios. He is the author of numerous monographs and articles on Renaissance music.

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We have an online booking system that makes it easy to reserve your piano for rental, purchase or repair. It also allows you to view and follow recommendations from friends and experts alike – just log in with your social media account to see what everyone is saying about D-Music!

Chiesa di Santa Corona

This is one of the most beautiful church interiors you can see in Vicenza. Inside, you can see a stunningly ornate reliquary containing the Holy Thorn from the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head at the time of his crucifixion.

Teatro Olimpico

This is one of Vicenza’s most gorgeous Renaissance theaters, with its amazing trompe-l’oeil stage that looks out on street views and a painted sky. Performances are still held in the theatre.

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d music vicenza is one of the first conservatories in Italy to offer first and second level academic degrees (Bachelor and Master) in specific Early Music disciplines, offering also highly specialised courses on historically informed performance practice. Its symphonic orchestra and choir perform regularly in a wide range of concerts, master classes, seminars and conferences.

The episode was filmed in beautiful locations around Vicenza and Verona, a very different place to Oxford, but the use of slow pans, dolly shots and limited edits allow the luscious scenery to do the talking. The light in both cities is so pure and luminous that it makes everything look like it has soaked up the sunlight. The director Colin Gregg is a great believer in letting the location and camerawork do his work and not trying to overly impress with ostentatious jump cuts. This approach gives the episode a very relaxed flow without losing any of its narrative power.

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